Here's just a small sampling of the books we've published over the years.

Ghoulish Delights:  FWG Hallowe'en Drabbles

Inside these pages you’ll find hair-raising quick reads that will leave you wanting more.  The latest in FWG's ongoing series of drabble anthologies, Ghoulish Delights features writers from around the world and their unique takes on the Hallowe'en/Samhain theme.



Anything goes, Volume 2

The ultimate grab bag of fiction returns again for its second volume.
Go on a journey into imagination. Be born. Die and rise again. Fall into the future. Find yourself. Find love. Stumble into hell and discover redemption. Know heartache and watch the world change before your eyes.
Twenty writers from around the globe invite you to join them.
Welcome to our worlds.



Writers' Anarchy Iv:  Horror

Ghosts haunt the corridors, masks possess, and horrifying giants roam the countryside in this collection of insidious, unsettling horror. Challenge your perceptions. Be thrilled by classic and modern takes on one of the oldest genres of fiction in the world. Featuring a wide array of stories from writers all across the globe, Writers’ Anarchy IV is sure to chill with its tales of the monsters in our minds, and the horrors of the soul.